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About ProLicense

We have been offering independent consultation for the optimisation of Oracle licenses and costs since 2009. The main issues concerning our clients include Oracle audits (Oracle License Reviews), negotiating corporate licenses and reducing ongoing Oracle support costs.

Our team is comprised of former Oracle managers who have all worked at Oracle for many years. We have expert lawyers, licensing experts and negotiation specialists on hand to help with your project and look after your interests with respect to Oracle, always striving to achieve the goal of securing maximum benefit for you with the lowest possible costs.

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What does independence mean for us?

Below are seven facts about us that you need to know.


We are not an Oracle partner

For you, this means:

We do not receive any commissions from Oracle. We do not send any licensing predictions to Oracle. 
We do not send any data to Oracle.


We are not an Oracle LMS partner

For you, this means:

We do not conduct audits for Oracle. We do not receive any commissions for audits from Oracle. We do not nominate any companies for Oracle audits.


We do not take kickbacks from software resellers

For you, this means:

We do not receive any commissions from resellers for your licensing revenue. We do not receive any other contributions from resellers.


We do not sell software

For you, this means:

We do not purchase any software cheaper elsewhere in order to sell it on at a higher price. We do not sell any new software licenses. Therefore, we do not have any conflicting objectives. Our sole objective is that you only use the licenses you really need, and at minimal cost.


We are only committed to your interests

For you, this means:

We are completely independent. We do not have any economic or financial obligations that could contravene our ability to offer consultation. You can rest assured that we are 100% committed to your objectives.


We protect your data

For you, this means:

Complete NDAs are a matter of course for us. We do not share your data with any other companies or consultants. We are not subject to any contractual obligations to share data, as is the case for Oracle partners.





Let’s work together!
Germany: +49 (0)40 2286 8280 | info@prolicense.com

„From millions to savings“

From millions of Euros in non-compliance to substantial savings in under four weeks

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ProLicense has a wide range of prestigious reference customers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia. Our successful customers include DAX and MDAX companies, medium-sized companies, public clients and regional and transregional data centres.

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Wir kümmern uns um Ihre Anfragen.

Sören Reimers

Managing Director (Lawyer)

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Christian Grave

Managing Director

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Markus Oberg

Partner and Business Development Manager

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Why should you choose ProLicense?


Why should you choose ProLicense?

  • We are not an Oracle partner
  • We are not an Oracle LMS partner
  • We do not conduct audits for manufacturers
  • We do not take kickbacks from software resellers
  • We are exclusively committed to representing the interests of our clients



  • We have an accumulated total of more than 100 years of Oracle experience
  • All of our consultants possess the Oracle Licensing Professional certificate
  • Former Oracle account managers, Oracle LMS consultants and Oracle legal directors will work on your project
  • We employ internal specialised lawyers
  • We have been specially trained in negotiation techniques
  • We understand all current SAM tools



  • Our consultants have negotiated all types of Oracle contracts
  • We have been involved in many Oracle audit processes
  • We also have excellent experience negotiating Oracle ULAs
  • We understand Oracle negotiations from both sides
  • We have developed legal opinions for various types of Oracle questioning
  • We have negotiated hardware deals with Oracle
  • Our speciality includes connecting wide areas of interests, including law, controlling, licensing and technology


You & Us

Oracle Compliance 2.0


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When you work with ProLicense, you …



Unlimited Oracle Performance

For you, collaboration with ProLicense means ...

... that you avail of an independent team comprising a wide range of expertise.
Our consulting expertise is made up of:

Experienced Oracle licensing experts

Specialised lawyers

Assertive negotiators

Accomplished technicians

You & Us
engineered to work together

What can you do today ...

... to optimise your Oracle environment?
Get in touch with us:

Germany: +49 (0)40 2286 8280 | info@prolicense.com