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Want to ensure compliance?

Our Oracle Health Check informs you where you stand in terms of licensing within just a few days. Our Friendly Audit Service offers a more in-depth analysis.


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17 mögliche Auslöser eines Oracle Audits

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Software Audit Response Team – Wen brauchen Sie

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Want to conduct a cross-check of your licensing team?

License managers are often faced with various different providers and a wide range of products, each with different licensing conditions. These also change over the course of the year and licensing chaos quickly arises despite intensive work on the part of those responsible.

We will help your licensing team to ensure that none of the typical Oracle licensing issues will cause problems for your company. Our Oracle Health Check will provide you with a brief overview, while our Friendly Audit Service will give you a more detailed insight.

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Why consult with ProLicense during an audit?

Want to prepare your team for an audit?

You are expecting a License Review or have clear indications of this? Now you want to prepare your licensing team for the audit. We work with you to compose an optimal SAR team (Software Audit Response team), while our Friendly Audit Service offers your employees experience regarding the requirements for a real Oracle License Review.


You should download this white paper

Software Audit Response Team

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This service will assist you

“From millions to savings”

Where does Oracle earn most of its revenue?

Need support for an audit?

Are you currently undergoing an Oracle License Review or have you been notified of one? In this case, our Oracle Audit Service will help you. We guide you through the entire audit process with the goal of obtaining a compliance statement from Oracle without any additional payments.

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Want to conclude or better manage a corporate contract?

ProLicense consultants are absolute specialists when it comes to corporate contracts (ELAs or ULAs) or other framework contracts. We help you to manage your contracts more effectively and to make the right decisions on termination of the contracts when the question arises as to whether to terminate or extend the contract?


Für wen lohnt sich eine ULA?


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