Oracle License Management –
take place in the driver seat!

Oracle License Management

The aim of every license manager is continuous compliance with minimal costs, coupled with flexibility. This is a challenging goal with regard to Oracle. License managers often find Oracle license conditions confusing and vague. Too many stumbling blocks, such as the ten-day rule, minimum rules or other Oracle license clauses, can very easily lead to under-licensing which can prove very expensive in the case of an Oracle audit (Oracle Audit Review).

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Why should you turn to ProLicense for license management consultation?

With our years of experience working with Oracle and subsequent independent Oracle consultation for our clients, we understand every aspect of all forms of Oracle contracts. Whether it’s traditional single contracts, ULAs (Unlimited License Agreements), ELAs (Enterprise License Agreements) or other forms of corporate or framework contracts, we have successfully negotiated all of these types of Oracle contracts. We understand both sides. The Oracle perspective and the customer’s perspective.

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Oracle Health Check

With our Oracle Health Check Service, we allow you to quickly and cost-efficiently conduct an initial analysis of your systems and licenses. In this service, we use the data you provide, which is not examined separately. Our Oracle Compliance Service offers a more detailed analysis.

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How does a Health Check work?


Data acquisition

There are three options available:
  • You select your software via the Oracle Review Lite Scripts
  • We help you to select the appropriate independent tools for software selection
  • We work with the data from your SAM solution
We develop an Oracle system and license record
to identify potential over- and under-licensing.



  • We bring the results of the data evaluation in line with your system data in the OSW (Oracle Server Worksheet).
Identify initial inconsistencies with regard to the licenses for your systems.


License record

  • After clarifying the individual detailed questions with you and your DBAs, we draw up your license and system record.
Identify potential over- and under-licensing.
This transparency enables the optimisation that guides you to Compliance 2.0:

compliance with minimal costs.

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Oracle Compliance Service

To ensure certified compliance for the Oracle software you use, you need a more in-depth analysis than offered by our Oracle Health Check. In this service, we check the data you provide in detail and offer you extensive help for the selection. This can take place in a number of ways:

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Where does Oracle earn most of its revenue?

Oracle Total Revenue 2008-2014

Oracle support revenue 2008: US$10.32 billion
Oracle support revenue 2014: US$18.21 billion


Oracle support revenue is increasing more than licensing revenue!

Oracle Revenue and Margin

Total revenue 2014: US$38.28 billion
Software support margin: 89%
Support margin proportion in Oracle overall margin 2014: 77%
In comparison: the support margin amounted to ‘only’ 70% in 2011.


More than three quarters of Oracle’s overall margin is generated through ‘support’. This is a growing trend. This is your money. We help to ensure that this remains on the credit side of your books.

Are you the exception to the rule?

Are you the exception to the rule? Unsure? Give us a call to learn more:
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Oracle Support Reduction Service

With our Oracle Support Reduction Service, we enable you to sustainably reduce your running costs for Oracle support. Oracle earns most of its overall margin through support, so this is exactly where we begin.

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Oracle partners vs independence


Oracle partners

  • Have to report revenue planning to Oracle
  • Do not want to put their business relationship with the provider at risk
  • Never, therefore, push the boundaries in negotiations
  • Profit from kickbacks if you purchase elsewhere following a consultation
  • Have to nominate customers for audits as Oracle LMS partners
  • Have to report all instances of non-compliance immediately to Oracle
  • Do not look into the possibility of used software


Independent consultants

  • Are only committed to your interests
  • Push the boundaries in negotiations based on your requirements
  • Do not profit from commitments or kickbacks
  • Do not transmit data to Oracle
  • Make use of used software to ensure maximum savings for you


Talk to one of our clients about independence in a reference call.

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