Optimise your cash-flow

You want to reduce license costs in a portfolio company.

Whether it’s about new license purchases or reducing ongoing costs, we can help you to significantly reduce these costs or avoid additional costs. Avail of our Oracle Support Reduction Service to reduce outgoing cash for your portfolio company. With our Oracle Purchase Service, you will get new license purchases at the best prices.


These services will assist you

Oracle Purchase Reduction Service

Oracle Support Reduction Service

“From millions to savings”

You want to assess the licensing risks prior to a company acquisition or reduce the purchase price.

If you want to acquire a new portfolio company, we will highlight all the licensing risks in advance of your deal. You can make effective use of this information to reduce the purchase price and negotiate a better result.

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You want to resolve all licensing risks prior to a company sale and optimise the price.

Our Health Check will let you know where your company stands with regard to licensing within just a few days. We can then eliminate the risks in the company sale. You will be able to sell a risk-free company with optimised cash flow at a better price.

Short paper: Reduce your maintenance fees


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You have received notification of an audit for one of your portfolio companies.

Company transactions are often the trigger for an Oracle audit (Oracle License Review). However, there may also be many other reasons why your portfolio company was selected for an audit. These types of license reviews generally come down to one thing – substantial additional payments.

Our Oracle Audit Service helps you to get through the audit while aiming to avoid any additional payments. Ask for references for our audit consulting expertise from our customers.

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Hat Oracle das Recht ein Audit durchzuführen?

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