Are you the bull or the rider?

Want to ensure compliance?

Usage and licensing portfolio in harmony. The simplest and fastest way starts with you knowing precisely, not roughly, but precisely, what you have installed, what you use and what licenses you have.

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Was nützen Sam-Tools

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Für wen lohnt sich eine ULA

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Oracle Audit verhandeln

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Want to manage your Oracle contracts effectively?

For us, effective management of your contracts means effective compliance. We see this as compliance with minimal costs, both with regard to purchasing and in particular to annually recurring support costs. Thanks to our Support Reduction Service, you can manage the contracts for your Oracle usage with minimal support costs.

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Support Reduction Service

Want to reduce support costs?

We would be happy to help you. Simply terminating support contracts in order to reduce costs does not work. You need to remain compliant despite reducing costs.

Are you sure that you are compliant?

Avail of our Health Check Service to ensure real compliance and optimise this with our Support Reduction Service.

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Want to be optimally prepared for a manufacturer audit?

A License Review is often a lengthy, anxious and expensive process. We will help you in all aspects with our Audit Service. We will work with you to set up your SAR team (Software Audit Response team) and then competently process all audit requirements. License Reviews with support from ProLicense GmbH are low in cost and you have peace of mind.

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Audit Service

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17 mögliche Auslöser eines Oracle Audits

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