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Oracle License Purchase

If you are looking to purchase products from Oracle, we can help you get a better deal. Whether you are interested in purchasing Oracle licenses for software or hardware products from Oracle, we can help.
We offer you a range of services.
This page explains how you can:

  • Negotiate more successfully with Oracle
  • Secure greater discounts
  • Avoid unfavourable contracts

Oracle Purchase Reduction Service

The goal of our Oracle Purchase Reduction Service is to optimise purchase decisions.

Know what you need? We can optimise your purchase.

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Oracle Purchase Avoidance Service

Our Oracle Purchase Avoidance Service helps you to avoid additional license purchases.


Need additional licenses? You may already have them!

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Der größte Fehler beim Deal mit Oracle

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Oracle Purchase Negotiation Service

With our Oracle Purchase Negotiation Service, we take care of your negotiations with Oracle if required. Of course, it is also possible for us to only conduct the negotiations in the background. Together, we will decide which approach will be most successful for you.


Got something to negotiate? We will help you.

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Why should you turn to ProLicense for an Oracle License Purchase?



Our independence is our greatest asset
  • We are not an Oracle partner
  • We do not sell licenses
  • We do not take kickbacks from software resellers



We know our stuff!
  • All of our consultants have worked at Oracle for at least eight years
  • We have insider knowledge about Oracle sales processes
  • We understand the aspects where Oracle makes concessions
  • We understand Oracle contracts down to the finest detail



We have decades of negotiating experience!
  • We have already negotiated countless Oracle licenses and understand both sides
  • We have an accumulated total of more than 100 years of Oracle expertise
  • We have also lent out support in the case of hardware purchases



Who would you like to speak with?

Many of our clients are happy to offer a confidential reference call.
Give us a call to learn more. We will set up a reference phone call with one of our clients within 48 hours.

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Oracle ULA or Single Contracts?

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Support Reduction Service

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17 Auslöser eines Oracle Audits

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