Want to get the maximum discount?

We have over 100 years of accumulated Oracle experience when it comes to getting the best deals. Bear in mind that it’s not just about getting the highest discounts. This is more effective: Conduct a ProLicense Health Check and avoid the need to purchase new licenses at all. If you actually need licenses, then be sure to only purchase the right product bundles.

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Oracle Purchase Negotiation Service

Want to negotiate better?

If you want to determine the right strategy for the license purchase you have defined, we are here to help and can negotiate the deal with Oracle for you or with you. What can be achieved? What other types of negotiation success were possible for others? Where is there scope for negotiation? We can answer these and many other questions. At ProLicense, the experience of hundreds of Oracle negotiations comes together. You can avail of this, like so many of our customers before you.


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Der größte Fehler beim Deal mit Oracle

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