Oracle ULA –
your ultimate liberty?

Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (Oracle ULA)

An Oracle ULA is a special type of corporate contract for Oracle software. In this case, the customer is entitled to install and use this product an unlimited number of times for an agreed product bundle and over a specific time period. The approximate installation requirements for the product in the selected time period are assessed in conjunction with the Oracle sales team on termination of the Oracle ULA and form the basis for determining the price.

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Oracle ULA – Myth vs Reality


  • „all you can eat“ – I can have as many installations as I wish
  • I don’t need to monitor any installations
  • I won’t be audited
  • I get high discounts


  • You can’t install whatever you like
  • You need to keep a constant count
  • You will certainly be audited
  • Discounts should be questioned and are based on your ULA management

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Top ULA-Downloads

Die größten Fehler bei einer ULA

PDF (German, 867 KB)



Für wen lohnt sich eine ULA?

PDF (German, 136 KB)



ULA – Droht trotzdem ein Audit?

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Oracle ULA vs Oracle single contracts


Oracle single contracts:

According to Oracle licensing regulations, you need to license everything that you have installed and/or used. Theoretical access is also subject to license!
For you, this means:
Oracle wants to discover as much software as possible in the case of an audit!


Oracle ULA

According to Oracle licensing regulations, you MAY only license everything that you have installed AND used. Do you notice the difference? __________ The ‘or’ is missing!
For you, this means:
Oracle wants to discover as little software as possible in the case of a ULA certification!


‘Which is better for you? Oracle ULA or Oracle single contracts?’

We can discuss this question together:

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Why should you turn to ProLicense for ULA consultation?

All ProLicense consultants have worked at Oracle for a number of years and have a keen understanding of all forms of corporate contracts. This includes ELAs (Enterprise License Agreements), ULAs (Unlimited License Agreements) and other types of contracts.

From their experience at Oracle, our consultants have negotiated many of these types of contracts and understand both sides of the coin – both the customer’s and Oracle’s perspective. We are happy to provide this expertise and experience.

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ULA Closure Service

If you are interested in concluding a corporate contract or if you are offered an Unlimited License Agreement by Oracle, then our service is very useful for you. Many Oracle customers agree on a ULA because they do not know what they are using and are inclined to purchase compliance security. This is very expensive in the medium term. Do things differently. Come to us to ensure transparency and make a licensing decision based on detailed knowledge of your situation and all the options that other Oracle customers avail of. We help you through this process.

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ULA Management Service

If you have agreed an Oracle ULA and want to fully utilise this type of contract, then this service will give you a better understanding of Oracle corporate contracts and enable you to ensure optimal use.

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You should be sure of these five points in the case of a ULA.


On conclusion of an Oracle ULA, you should be absolutely certain that this is the right type of contract for your situation and for the future.

Have you checked the alternative licensing forms – that is, also used software – in detail?


You should be absolutely certain that the Oracle ULA includes the right set of licenses.

Does it include everything you need or are you intentionally excluding aspects in order to license other products in a conventional way?


You should understand all contract clauses and be sure that they maximise the benefits for you.

Do you understand the effects of each contract clause?


You need to keep count. Throughout the entire contract term.
Do you have the right counting process?

Bear in mind that you need to count differently in the case of an Oracle ULA.


Take control of the certification at the end of the contract term.

Do you take control of the process and ultimately make the right decision?


Questions about Oracle ULAs?

Give us a call to learn more.

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ULA Certification Service

If you have agreed an Oracle ULA and certification is due on termination of the contract term, then our service will help you to maintain control over the certification process and ultimately come to the right decision for the future. Extend and expand? Extend? Terminate?

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