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Reduce Oracle Maintenance Costs

Reduce your fixed costs for Oracle support (Oracle maintenance). We offer comprehensive advice around the financial aspects of Oracle support fees.

Usually customers purchase Oracle licences from the manufacturer together with an Oracle maintenance contract (also called Oracle support contract). The price for this is usually 22% of the purchase price of the Oracle licences and is not further negotiable. In addition, the price for Oracle support is indexed by the manufacturer and increases by 4% from year to year. Often customers pay very high fees for Oracle support after a few years.

Is that necessary?

We analyse your Oracle maintenance contracts and show you how you can make lasting savings on Oracle original support. With a view to several years, large amounts can often be saved, which can then be used in the company for innovations and other projects. Oracle support always includes the right to upgrade to the latest available version of Oracle products.

Is it worth it?

Customers are often not clear about what this upgrade right actually gives them. Does it make more sense to pay for it for years or would it be better to do without it and then simply buy new software licences in a few years? We clarify these and many other questions on the subject of Oracle support with you and show you the advantages and disadvantages.

Oracle Third Party Support – a real alternative?

In view of the high costs for original Oracle support, more and more customers are looking for cheaper alternatives. With providers such as Rimini Street, Spinnaker, Support Revolution and others, there are now several providers on the market. Here you can realise interesting cost advantages with a saving of up to 50% on the original Oracle support. In addition, some providers offer even more advantages, such as personal contact persons, high service quality, effective security concepts and much more flexibility than the manufacturer Oracle itself. Contact us and we will explain to you what switching to a third-party support provider means for you.

Negotiate Oracle support costs?

For many customers, switching to a provider for Oracle third-party support is out of the question or not possible for certain reasons. In these cases, we support them with our more than 20 years of Oracle expertise to take all possible measures to achieve the optimal Oracle support price for you. You want to reduce the fixed costs for Oracle Support? Contact us – we are only a phone call away!

You need support in Oracle licensing? We help you!


Oracle consulting


Competent – independent – success-based


Oracle Beratung

Since 2009, ProLicense GmbH has been offering you independent advice on optimising Oracle licences and costs. In particular, Oracle License Reviews (so-called Oracle Audits), the negotiation of group licenses (for example Oracle ULAs) and the reduction of ongoing support costs are in the focus of our clients.

Our consulting team consists of former account managers who have worked for Oracle for many years. Our team includes expert lawyers, licensing experts and negotiation specialists who will protect your interests vis-à-vis Oracle and always pursue the goal of achieving the greatest possible benefit for you at minimum cost.


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Oracle Audit Consulting


Facing the dark clouds of an Oracle Audit?


Oracle Audit Beratung

We offer you various services for an Oracle licence audit. On the one hand, we advise you on a real Oracle audit. This means that we negotiate the course of the audit with or for you with Oracle, protect your rights, support you with the data collection, check the final report and negotiate any under-licensing with Oracle.

On the other hand, we simulate an Oracle License Review with you. You learn how a real audit works, gain experience and are prepared for an Oracle licence audit in the best possible way.


ProLicense Audit Service

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ProLicense Friendly Audit Service

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Oracle Licence purchase


Take just on board what you need!


Oracle Lizenzkauf

If you want to acquire Oracle software, we optimise your licence purchase. On the one hand, we clarify with you whether the purchase of new licences is necessary at all, on the other hand, we reduce the costs if an Oracle licence purchase is unavoidable. Finally, we also negotiate for you or together with you with the manufacturer Oracle.

Oracle Purchase Reduction Service

You know what you need? – We optimise your purchase!

Oracle Purchase Avoidance Service

You need additional licences? – maybe you already have them!

Oracle Purchase Negotiation Service

There is something to negotiate? – We accompany you!

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Oracle Licence management


Take Place In The Driverseat!


Oracle Lizenzmanagement

We help you achieve your goal: Compliance at the lowest cost. We work with you to find out where you stand in terms of Oracle licensing, advise you on the best form of contract for you and also support you in reducing Oracle support costs.

Oracle Health Check

Snapshot Ihrer Oracle Lizenzierung

Oracle Compliance Service

Deepdive Ihrer Oracle Lizenzierung

Oracle Support Reduction Service

get more – pay less

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Oracle ULA


Your Ultimate Liberty?


Oracle ULA

SAre you interested in this special form of group contract or have you already signed it? We help you to achieve the optimum benefit! We advise you when concluding the contract, during the term and also at the end of the Oracle ULA when it comes to certification.

Oracle ULA Closure Service

the optimal conclusion of the contract

Oracle ULA Management Service

Optimal management during the term

Oracle ULA Certification Service

the optimal certification for you at the end

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Oracle Negotiations


Negotiate – Lead – Win


Oracle Verhandlungen

There is always something to negotiate with Oracle! And it’s not just about prices. We also negotiate the course of an audit or the final report at the end of the licence review or even the transfer of licences safely and reliably in your interest. Special requirements arise if you are in dispute with Oracle. We will then help you to avoid a court hearing.

Oracle Negotiation Service

We negotiate for you!

Oracle Konfliktcoach

End the dispute – achieve your goals!

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